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January Jaunt - January

February Feast - February

Igtham Mote - April

Motors by the Mote - May

Jaguar Windsor Festival - May

Deal Classic Car Show - May

Bonnets Up - June

Brooklands - June

Quex Park - June

Ladies Day (Lullingstone) - June

Bredgar & Wormshill - July

Kent Classic - September

Isle of Wight - August

BACON Night - September

(No Jag Night)

Haynes Museum - October

We have some descriptions of the cars in the museum.

1886 Benz -            This is a working replica and oldest vehicle in collection of over 300 cars and 10 motorbikes.  3-wheeled with tiller steering.

1897 Daimler Wagonette -  This was in use as 'bus' for adults and children 

1897 Daimler -       This is the first vehicle to resemble a 'car' with 4 wheels.  Used as a school bus.

1903 Oldsmobile -  The start of a 'production line' system and mass production.  Sold 5,000/ year - a huge number!

1905 Daimler -       This had a ‘detachable' roof, so first convertible! Chauffer driven.  Every 2 days, chains driving rear wheels had to be removed and cleaned of mud and to lubricate, by boiling in bath of tallow and black lead (graphite).

1910 Renault -       This has acetylene head lamps and punctures from shed horse shoe nails a daily event.  Pneumatic tyres and radiator mounted behind the engine?

1915 Model T -      A 19 year production with 15.7 million sold at an original price of $890.  Many colours originally, but settled with black only, as quicker to dry.  Probably around 100,000 still in existence, with values from £10K to £25K.

1921 Stanley -        This steam car travelled 10miles/ gallon water.  Range 200 miles. Use kerosene as fuel.  very popular, as no gears and top speed of 75mph, but 45-50 normal.  Lost popularity with development of electric start, rather than hand-crank.

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